God's Gift to Women who Love Nerds (van_barace) wrote in ghaleonstemple,
God's Gift to Women who Love Nerds

Alright I made this comm to talk about Lunar, and I haven't done that, and I apologize.

I guess we can talk about...the quality of the fish in Lann...?

Ok ok, I guess only Nall would want to talk about that, so lemme think.


Ok then how about, what do you feel about the whole three sisters in Lunar SSSC? In the original Sega version, there was only one, Xenobia. But in SSSC they split her personality in three and made them her sisters. What do you think about this? Better? Worse? Could have done something different? What? Give your opinion!

I, in my opinion, think that it was a great change. Adds more characters, and I love more characters. Xenobia kept her whole "Ghaleon is right in all ways and all lovey dovey over him. Phacia was the "Ghaleon's all wrong and tries to help out the good guys in the end" part, and then Royce was the "Evil skank girl who has no remorse." Can you imagine all three of those personalities in one person? Plus, I think three hot sisters is better than one hot chick. ^_^.
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Royce was unecessary. The whole fortune-teller thing was neat, but she didn't have a lot of personality. I thought Phacia was an interesting character, though. Just to add a some inner conflict to the "evil" side, you know? Since Ghaleon became far more clear-headed in the remake.
Royce was supposed to be the "bitch" so she did have a role...just not a very good role cause Xenobia up staged her with her own "bitch" personality. I think they were trying to create the three different personalities that a woman has but failed...cause women have so much more. *hides from akiko*